Wireless Alarm Systems

5 Star Security Services is proud to present our state-of-the-art wireless alarm system. Created originally for void properties, this wireless alarm system can secure any type of property whether it is a void property or an occupied one and saves clients hundreds of pounds with our top-of-the-range wireless sensors. Our specially designed wireless sensors ensure maximum protection so that you are not paying for multiple sensors when one or two can do exactly the same job. This self-sustainable stand alone wireless alarm comes with a long-lasting battery, which is perfect for any premises without utilities switched on. No electricity or mains connection is needed to power our alarm system-simply place it inside a property, switch it on, and away you go.

Our wireless alarm system can be adapted into many different forms, due to a variety of wireless sensors available we can secure any type of premises both internally and externally.

We also monitor each and every one of our wireless alarm systems, ensuring that we respond to each as fast as possible, this service is available to both residential and commercial properties.



• Internal PIR Wireless Sensor
• External PIR Wireless Sensor
• Smoke Detector Wireless Sensor
• Flood Detection Wireless Sensor
• Boiler/Asset Wireless Monitor Sensor
• Lead/Roof Monitoring Wireless Sensor
• Scaffolding Wireless Sensor
• Door Wireless Sensor


● Quick and easy installation, ensuring your building is fully secured as fast as possible.
● A complete, stand-alone wireless alarm system, which requires no electricity or means of power to run.
● Contains a long lasting battery which will last for up to 3 years, making it perfect for void/vacant properties as well as occupied ones too.
● Up to 48 wireless sensors per alarm system, including wireless sensors such as PIRs, smoke detectors, door sensors, window sensors, external PIR sensors and more. With this many sensors per alarm system, no building is too big for us to cover with just one system, saving you money.
● Our Wireless Alarm System uses advanced CSL DualCom World SIM with roaming technology.
● Advanced features and self-diagnostics.
● No fixed phone lines required for this alarm system to operate.
● Advanced technology to reduce false alarms and unnecessary maintenance.
● Uniquely identified users and traceability using iButton technology, allowing the client to have complete control over who can operate the alarm system.
● Two way communication, this allows us to carry out such commands as set, unset, add and removal of users from a remote location thus saving on costs as we do not have to attend site
● We supply a 24/7 monitoring service for each of our wireless alarm systems and can respond to all activations nationwide.


5 Star Security is proud to introduce another addition to our wireless alarm system which is the Scaffolding Wireless Sensor, we can now offer our clients a complete wireless alarm system package which can secure both the internal and external of a property. There is no additional alarm boxes required as the wireless sensor will just connect to the main alarm box situated inside the property thus securing both internally and externally with a single wireless alarm box, yet again saving our clients hundreds of pounds per property.

Due to our wireless alarm system operating up to 48 different wireless alarm sensors there is no building too big for us to secure with just one alarm system compared to our competitors who may use multiple alarm systems to cover a large premises.

If all of this sounds good to you, then feel free to get in touch to learn more or even arrange a meeting!