Vacant Property Security

5 Star Security is a one-stop shop for all of you vacant property security requirements, We are proud to offer a range of innovative vacant property steel security products ranging from heavy-duty steel screens to high quality security steel doors and wireless alarm systems to ensure your property remains secured and of course vacant.

5 Star Keyed steel doors

Constructed from heavy duty steel and including a three point locking mechanisms as well as concealed hinges our high quality security steel door has been designed and tested to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of vandalism, squatting and theft. one of the great things that makes our property security truly special.

Our security steel door utilizes a simple key locking option to make it as easy as possible to use. Our security doors are quick and easy to install ensuring your property is not vulnerable for long.

5 Star Steel Screens

Steel doors can offer protection and high-visibility deterrence, while our steel screens far surpass the security offered by traditional timber paneling companies.
Our steel screens and doors deliver a variety of benefits, which include:

● Quick & easy installation
● Wide range of sizes
● Deter unwanted visitors
● Installed using a special technique meaning they fit flush with the property and does not damage any aspect of the property

Our steel screens are perforated so as to allow light and ventilation into the property, this means contactors can work inside the property as they have sufficient light, and damp and mould won’t develop as there is air flow.

Custom Screens

Custom-made to fit unusual window shapes or sizes, 5 Star custom steel can provide complete protection in many areas around your building which other screens may not be suitable for. Our custom steel is secured using special screws, which prevents removal with standard tools

We understand that sometimes a vacant property is surrounded by large land, car parks or fencing, we can ensure that your ENTIRE site is secured by offering multiple options to our clients, click on the below to find out more or even get in touch