Other Services

While we mainly market the services on the other pages on the site, there are other Security services we offer to our clients.

We know security a property/site is not straight forward and can contain many different aspects, this is why we have created our company to provide a complete one-stop shop for every service required. Outside of our alarm systems, steel security and mobile security we also offer a wide range of contracting services such as:

● Concrete Barriers
● Bollards
● Utility Shut Off & Drain Downs
● Fencing
● Cleaning
● Clean & Clear
● Fly Tipping Removal
● Graffiti Removal
● Anti Vandal Paint
● Boarding Up Fit & Forget (Plyboarding)
● Keysafes
● Lock Changing

Additional Security Services offered by 5 Star Security Solutions

We strive to offer a truly tailored and bespoke service for each of our clients, as such, if you need a quote for specific work we provide, that is not referred to on the other pages of the website, you can Contact Us today for a free property risk assessment and quotation, fully bespoke to any and all of your needs and requirements!