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5 Star Security is the one stop shop, which stands to provide a complete range of services promising to accommodate for every clients security needs. 5 Star Security has both the experienced and professional staff to take care of all security issues for both vacant and occupied residential and commercial buildings. 5 Star Security has the professional staff and the experience to deal with any security issue.

The vacant property security market is a growing one due to the economic situation we are all currently facing, making the decision on who secures your vacant properties ever more important. We, at 5 Star Security, have researched the market and found where other vacant property security companies are failing and have designed ourselves around these points in order to offer our clients a complete and satisfying service.

With our customised steel screens and security doors, our full list of contracting works, and our state-of-the-art wireless alarm systems, we put ourselves at the front of vacant property security, ensuring our clients get the best service for extremely competitive prices

5 Star Security Solutions is the result of endless research into the ideals and processes of other companies in this niche, we then discovered the shortfalls that the other companies in this market fall into, and build the core foundations of our brand to be client and process driven, avoiding the shortfalls of our competitors in the modern age of property security! This is the thing About 5 Star Security that truly makes us stand out from the rest!
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